Finger foods

Starting on finger foods is a wonderful time for messy eating!

This is where babies exercise their own independence and develop their voluntary grasping and releasing of objects so they can feed themselves.

Fun can be had playing dropping games with mum and dad from the highchair!

Finger food is a good time to introduce nourishment in a chunkier form.

Finger food examples:

  • Vegetable wedges are a wonderful first finger food. Try potato, parsnip, sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin.
  • Grate vegetables like carrot, zucchini or a mixture, and add to grated cheese.
  • Soft ripe to over-ripe banana ¬†and pear cut into strips.
  • Corn cobs are great teethers. Cook corn ear and slice kernels off (use the kernels for another recipe) and give left over cob to baby to chew on.
  • Lamb cutlets can be a great adventure, make sure you remove any gristle and sharp bones. Just leave a small amount of flesh on the bone.

When starting finger food always observe for potential choking. Always give finger food with baby sitting upright and supported.