Always remember "Play" is children's work.  This gives it meaning and an important purpose in a baby's and toddler's daily life.

At 8-12 months babies are learning balance and co-ordination.

This balance and co-ordination are practiced by learning to sit and moving from a sitting to a crawling position.

To encourage that movement roll an empty plastic water bottle in front of them to reach out for or move towards.

You can add a little rice, pompoms, dry pasta, glitter to the clear bottle to make noise and attract baby's eyes.

Separation anxiety is heightened at this age, baby is wanting to follow you all the time and is clingy to you when familiar others are around.

This is a phase they go through so trying to confine them to an area that you are not in, will upset them.  Allowing them to play in one particular drawer or cupboard in the kitchen while you cook is a good alternative. Tea towels or plastic containers are always favourite play items. Make sure any cupboards you don't want baby to have access to have child-proof locks, especially cupboards where cleaning products are stored.


12 months a designated kitchen draw is always a hit with tea towels or Tupperware