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07 July 2011

Flavour Flavour Flavour

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Don't be afraid to give your toddler some exciting tastes. Babies and toddlers have unblemished taste buds that are eagerly awaiting the flavour experience. If you only ate bland food, you'd be reluctant to try something new. Your toddler and baby is no different!! Enhance the flavour of their food by cooking with herbs, spices and different fruit and vegetables. Flavour doesn't mean adding salt, sugar or processed mixes. So forget about specific kids' food, just give them some of your own tasty, home cooked meals... Initially you may have to leave out some of the hotter spices but you don't need to be a slave in the kitchen and prepare different meals for each family member. You can just add the hot spices to your own serves. The key is to start as you mean to carry on, otherwise you'll be developing a fussy eater!

Toddlers will love helping you plant herbs in pots and in the garden which can be used in some of your meals...

30 June 2011

Messy is good

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Feeding babies and toddlers food can be such a wonderful time in their development. They are learning to explore their mouths with new tastes and textures. The babies are learning to move their food around in their mouths and chew which has such great benefits for the development of speech. Toddlers are developing independence with self-feeding, which at times make parents a little concerned, but this gives the child their first opportunity to manage a part of their life. So, enjoy this time of self exploring for both babies and toddlers, beware it is messy, but messy is good! A tip to help with the mess: a cheap plastic party tablecloth under the feeding area or after feeding, send in the dog, happiness for all!

16 June 2011

web site launch

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Welcome to Babytastes.  Here at Babytastes, babies and infant nutrition has been a passion for us.  A growing trend away from fresh ingredients has encouraged us here at Babytastes to go back to basics and encourage fresh healthy home cooked food for baby and family.  Our book Babytastes: First foods and recipes for babies up to 12 months is at the printers and we eagerly await the release in August.  Come see us at the Pregnancy Babies & Children’s expo in Perth Western Australia on August 12-14th.  Follow-us on twitter @Babytastes or on Facebook.  Hope you enjoy our site.