15 May 2013


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We are always out and about with children, but the day can be spoilt if they’re a bit grizzly or demand shop-bought snack food. Studies have found that some snack foods marketed for toddlers/children have a higher salt and sugar content than adult food.

Choice Magazine recently surveyed 240 snack foods marketed for toddlers; a quarter of the products contained a higher proportion of salt than a packet of potato chips, and some of these foods were sweet snacks.

If you need to buy snack food on the run, check the food label and choose foods with- sodium: 200mg or less per serving

Sugar: less than 15g per 100g. If some of the sugar comes from real fruit or lactose less than 25g per 100g

Saturated fat: 5g or less per 100g

Sultanas and other dried fruit are not recommended as stand-alone snacks as they contain between 45-80% sugar. They are best eaten with other foods such as fresh fruit, cheese or crackers (wholemeal or grain). If eaten as a snack, first give a cube of cheese to form a protective layer on the teeth.



If preparing your own snack foods, you obviously need food that can be picked up and is not too messy.

These suggestions are in Toddlertastes:

Banana and choc chip muffins, pg 89

Sultana, apricot, and oat biscuits, pg 93

Quinoa, banana, and date cookies pg 141

Tuna and corn muffins pg 96




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