03 April 2013


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Not only do the facts and figures tell the story of growing obesity trends within our community, we can see it… at the shopping mall, food outlets, and in the school playgrounds.

We often hear parents lament that their children “just won’t eat vegetables.” Parents are busy and may grow weary of having their children constantly refuse healthy vegetables. Sometimes, for a peaceful mealtime, parents bend to the pressure and put take-away or a supermarket meal on the table, often lacking anything “green.” And so, the cycle continues, the more processed food is given, the less home-prepared meals and vegetables are eaten.

When introducing new foods to your baby, introduce vegetables before fruit, as they are programmed to prefer sweet tastes and reject bitter ones.

As your baby grows into a toddler, encourage them to help in the food preparation, from choosing vegetables at the shop, unpacking them from the basket, growing your own, and eventually helping with the cooking.

Make the vegetables look more interesting; gone are the days of limp, boiled greens served on a plate!

Children love to copy their parents, so model healthy eating behaviours. Children will then become confident in trying something new.



What doesn’t help to encourage your children to eat more healthy foods is what happens when you go out for a meal; the children’s menu is usually pizza, chicken nuggets and chips.

Over this holiday period, if you come across a menu with some healthy choices for children to eat go to:

http://www.babytastes.com.au/ to read our restaurant reviews and add your own as well.


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