17 April 2013


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It is so hard for most of us to eat only a few chips, French fries, or sweets. Before we know it, the packet is empty. So, what makes us overindulge in these particular foods?

Recent studies have shown that these sugary, salty, fatty foods are addictive. When these foods are eaten, pleasing “feel-good” messages are transmitted to the brain’s reward centre. This response is greater in some people, who then find it difficult to control their eating behaviours.


The fat, salt, and sugar mix is an irresistible fast food combination, hence the food industry advertise and sell it in ever-increasing amounts throughout the world. Over the years, these foods have had more sugar, fat and salt added. Some foods have sweeteners added to enhance the sugar hit by 200 times!

We are born with a liking for sweet and a dislike for sour, but salt preference is learnt. Studies have shown those babies who are fed processed foods from an early age develop salt cravings.

When you are food shopping for the family, look out for advertising traps. If a product states “low sugar”, “low fat”, or “healthy”, check the label, as often the sugar, fat or salt content may still be too high. Although the product may advertise low fat, the sugar content may have been significantly increased. Some low-fat yoghurts have more sugar than ice-cream, but lower fat.



What is salt? Page 46/47 Toddlertastes book


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