11 September 2013

Just in case you need a reason to eat chocolate!

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Not that we should justify our love of eating chocolate…… but if we have to , chocolate is actually good for us. Not everyone would agree that it is a salad (see our  FB post- Sept 2) but we can blind our detractors with science.

Chocolate makes us feel good as it stimulates serotonin and endorphins in the brain, which give us a happy glow. It can also make us feel calmer by reducing the amount of stress hormones released into our bodies.

In recent research findings:

  • Chocolate may help in the treatment of migraine.

  • Chocolate can lower blood pressure and therefore, may reduce heart disease risk.

  • High insulin levels are reduced when eating dark chocolate which is beneficial if you have diabetes and a benefit if you want to avoid it.

So, what type of chocolate is healthy and how much can we eat?

The health benefits of chocolate come from dark chocolate. This type of chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa which has flavonoids, a known antioxidant.

How much? Unfortunately, not too much. Even with all the health benefits of chocolate, it is still high in calories, so moderation is wise. Studies indicate eating about 30g daily is OK.

Try the delicious Mums’ treat, Danish hot chocolate. Page 214 Toddlertastes.





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