18 July 2013

Superfoods.... what are they?

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Much is written about "superfoods,” but what are they? They have been described as those foods with a high nutrient or phytochemical content, which may be of a health benefit and not high in saturated fat, artificial additives or colours.
Phytochemicals are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants. Some give a dark purple colour as found in blueberries, or have a signature smell, such as garlic’s distinctive odour.
Many of the superfoods are your everyday pantry essentials: oats, eggs, oily fish, legumes, or cinnamon. Dark green, leafy vegetables are labelled superfoods: broccoli and kale (featured in the upcoming newsletter with a recipe). Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, and those with a dark purple colour have a high phytochemical content. Many of the recipes in Babytastes and Toddlertastes use blueberries and sweet potatoes as they add a very nutritious element to your diet.

However, buyers beware! Some experts are voicing concern that the superfood term may be overused. Research continues on the validity of some of the sensational health claims not backed up by science.

You certainly can’t go wrong with a well balanced diet.





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