20 June 2013


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A recent study conducted by Choice Magazine compared the price of bottled water to tap water. The cost comparison was staggering! If you drink 2 litres of tap water in a day (based on Sydney water costs), it would cost approximately $1.50 per year, compared to 2 litres of bottled water costing around $2800.00 per year.



Of course, it is far better to drink water than soft drinks, but tap water is just as effective for hydration as bottled water. Admittedly, some of our tap water doesn’t taste as good as the water in bottles, but the taste can easily be improved by buying a water jug with a filter, or having a filtered water tap system at home. If you are concerned about the quality of your tap water, rest assured:

“Perth’s testing saw 100% of samples collected in the 2011-12 financial year comply with E-coli requirements and health-related chemical guidelines set by the WA Department of Health.”


Another plus for drinking tap water, especially for children, is the added fluoride. The Australian Dental Association recommends tap water as the primary choice of drink for everyone, as fluoridated water reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Of course, the environmental impact on the huge increase in plastic bottle production is immeasurable. Even if the bottles are made from recyclable material, less than half of these PET plastic bottles are recycled, with the remaining 60% going straight to landfill. The road and air miles generated by transporting bottled water is a significant generator of greenhouse gases. The refrigeration needed for bottled water also causes emissions.

The good news is, there is some change in attitude, as most of us carry a water bottle which we can refill. More councils, schools, universities, and corporations are “banning the bottle”, choosing to install water refill stations or drinking fountains. Next time you visit Perth Zoo, no need to buy bottled water just take your water bottle and use their refill station.



The aquafil range of  water refill stations and drinking fountains  are ideal for ALL public areas including parks, schools, universities, colleges, beaches, sporting facilities, golf courses, stadiums, and shopping centres.  Aquafil is a practical product that combats the extravagant waste of resources generated by bottled water. Join “Go Tap” by signing up using the form on the right.




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