10 Foods Mothers Should Not Eat In Pregnancy Stage


Food is a very important factor for a healthy baby in the future as it provides nutrients for the mother. Beside healthy foods for mothers, there are kinds of food which are not good for mother’s health.

1. High-mercury level fish

Shark, swordfish, tuna are high-mercury level fish as the mercury content in these kinds of fish increase as the time goes by. The harmful mercury content in these kinds of fish can be absorbed into the mother’s blood vessel then into the fetus causing brain, visual, nervous defects for the fetus. Instead of eating these kinds of fish, mothers can eat low-mercury level fish like salmon, tilapia, cod, catfish, and shrimp, crab which are rich in DHA, protein, vitamin B12, and zinc content; especially salmon and mackerel are very healthy for brain development of the fetus as they contain high content of fatty acids, omega 3, DHA.

2. Sushi

Pregnant women also avoid eating sushi and sashimi. The two favorite foods are raw food so they can increase the threat of food poisoning for pregnant women. Many pregnant women ask for cooking sushi and sashimi in restaurants for eating; however, according to many experts, the best way is not to eat the foods because you can easily get cross-contamination even when the foods are cooked.

3. Processed meat

Processed meat like ham or hot dog is easy to get listeria – a kind of bacteria causing miscarriage for mothers. Listeria bacteria can penetrate into the mother body through the blood vessel into the fetus. Therefore, you should not buy the food or else you need to cook it before a meal to ensure the bacteria are killed.

4. Perishable food

Dishes in a barbecue or potato salad, spaghetti, sauces … are perishable foods which are not cryopreserved. They are also easily contaminated by bacteria when laying on the table in a long time especially in outdoor parties.

5. Herbal tea

There is no evidence to prove the impact of herbal tea on the fetus development; however, prevention is better than cure. Herbal tea and hot or icy drinks containing caffeine are not recommended for pregnant women.

Herbal tea

6. Raw eggs

Egg salad is the favorite food of many pregnant women. Many people often make food with raw eggs which are very harmful to pregnant women because it contains salmonella bacteria. Also, mayonnaise and egg noodles also contain the bacteria, so mothers need to cook them carefully before eating.

7. Low-quality foods and drinks

If you are in pregnancy, please keep away from low quality canned foods and drinks. Only established brands may ensure for the health of you and your future baby as all bacteria are killed.

8. Soft Cheeses

Soft cheeses made from unsterile milk so it may contain listeria bacteria. Bleu cheese, camembert cheese, feta cheese, brie cheese, and Mexico cheese are the kinds of cheese pregnant women should not eat.

soft cheese is also a “taboo” for pregnant women
soft cheese is also a “taboo” for pregnant women

9. Artificial sweeteners

Saccharin sugar and sweetener are considered unsafe agents for pregnant women. However, sucralose and aspartame sugars are safe for pregnant women, so they can choose foods and drinks contain these kinds of sugar to maintain the fetus development inside their body.

10. Unpasteurized juice

Unpasteurized juices may contain many germs for both the mother and the baby, so pregnant women need to be careful with juices on sales in the market especially juices with the unknown producer.

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