6 Simple Games for Making Your Baby Intelligent


Obviously, in the early stage of life, all the things around your baby may have an influence on its development and so does mental development. The mental development of babies is very important as it is the first step to make an intelligent child and even a genius in the future. In fact, mental developing’s stimuli is not as hard as you think, they can be simple and easy games for the babies:

1. Phone calling

The aim of the game phone calling is to develop fingers movements and the co-movements between eyes and fingers.

It is easy to play the game; you can only prepare 2 toy phones. You read out loud the phone number (from 3 to 5 numbers is favorable) and button the keypad to call for your baby. Then you start a conversation with your baby in a funny way like singing a song; tell a story … You and your baby in turn to become the caller and the recipient of the call.

2. Ball scooping

The game is to develop fingers and hands move and it is the preparation for your baby to self-eating when it can use a spoon.

How to play: you lay 2 bowls or baskets (one is big and one is small), one ball, a spoon on the table. Then you model the game for your baby by using a spoon to scoop the ball from big basket to the smaller and vice versa. After several times, your baby will get used to the game and play fluently.

3. Drawing

The game will help your baby in muscle development, hands and eyes co-movements and start to learn to draw line and round.

How to play: You draw short lines upside down the paper and explain to your baby that it’s rain. Also, you can draw other simple things like fences, bubbles, sun … Gradually, your baby is increasingly interested in the game and it can distinguish colors and things in nature and the world around.

4. Beadwork

The game can make your baby develops coordination among handy and optical muscles, persistence, the ability to listen and understand the language and complex movement’s imitation.

How to play: it is very easy to play. You only need to prepare a thin wire and beads which is perforated. You carefully put the wire through the beads into the small holes on the beads. You do the game with slow movements and carefully explain for the baby how to do. Finally, you and your baby will have a chain to wear. For baby girls, it is very nice and interesting.

5. Hand drawing

Hand drawing helps your baby practicing fingers coordination, starting to learn how to use a pen.

How to play: So simple! You just put your hand on the paper then use a pen to draw the hand along the edge of the hand. You and your baby will have own hand drawing to compare and share together.

6. Fingers drawing

The game is to inspire your baby to draw and practicing the thinking ability and creativity.

How to play: prepare bold watercolors mixes and white paper. Using fingers to dip into watercolors and start draw on the paper with simple and colorful things like bubbles, clouds, flowers … You need to start first and make your baby imitate. When the draws is dry, it’s time to enjoy all the imaginary and colorful pictures.

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