Baby’s Stages of Lingual Development


The first two years is the time for a baby to learn how to talk to others. It is also the time when a baby accumulates the ability to speak out as it observes the communications of people around.

Firstly, the baby will learn how to use its mouth, lips, tongue, and small teeth to pronoun simple sound like “a”, “o” … Gradually, the baby can mix the consonants with the vowel to create “ba”, “bu”, “mama” … after about 6 months.

Then the baby can develop its lingual ability from the mother and people surrounding. From 18 to 24 months on, the baby can itself speak simple phrases as well as sentences. The more the brain is developed, the more vocabulary the baby will get.

Stages of lingual development

If a baby born in a bilingual family, the awareness and cognition will occur simultaneously.

In pregnancy

Many scientists claimed that the lingual awareness of the baby started right in pregnancy. Inside the mother’s body, the baby can get used with the heart’s beat and voice of the mother; moreover, it can sense and discriminate other voices.

0 – 3 months

The cries are the first communication form of the baby. If the baby screams, it will feel hungry; if the baby moans, it will feel annoyed and want to change nappy. Gradually, the baby will realize the word came out from mouths of surrounding people and want to learn how to speak.

4 – 6 months

In the stage, the baby can babble some simple words like “mama”, “papa” … which are the most common words the babies can speak first? However, the baby does not aware that it is calling her mother and father in a lovely way until it 1-year-old. In the sixth month, although the baby cannot aware of what it says, it can sense the name of it when a person calls. The stage is a very exciting period when the house is filled with babbling words came out from your baby. Also, creating new words, sounds are the favorite habit of the baby in the stage.

7 – 12 months

In the stage, the mother needs to become a spiritual support for the baby’s lingual development by reading stories, talking and singing for the baby. Because it is a very important stage when the baby tries to imitate the adults to talk even when the mother does not know what it is saying.

13 -18 months

The baby starts to get acquaintance with meaningful words even they are still simple daily words. The stage also remarks the ability of the baby to use intonation, the baby raises the voice in questions and the awareness of the use of the language to serve daily communication.

19 – 24 months

The vocabulary of the baby in the stage is about 50 words; however, the baby can aware more than that. The vocabulary accumulation of the baby goes on every day as it hears and perceives from other people. The baby can also connect 2 words together to make a simple sentence like “hug me”. When the baby reaches 2 years old, it can use simple sentences containing from 2 to 4 words fluently. At this point, the baby can state what it likes, what it dislikes, what it feels… in a simple and brief way.

25 – 36 months

From 2 years old to 3 years old, the vocabulary of the baby is widened constantly and the baby can perceive all things the mother says. The amazing is that the baby can control the intonation in conversation and connect words to form a complete sentence like “I want to drink”.

At 3 years old stage, the baby can communicate fluently with the mother in a quite long conversation. Moreover, it can connect more word on its own vocabulary to form longer sentences.

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