Choosing Suitable Toys for Your Baby


You are pregnant and worrying about choosing toys for your upcoming baby. Walking around the supermarkets, megamalls as well as toy stores on the streets, you will be dizzy and confused toward various kinds of toys for baby especially for infants.

Firstly, when choosing toys for infants you should consider 3 criteria: education, interest, and safety. The toys need to have education features because the infant is the early stage of life; it is also an important period in the development of the brain. Therefore, education toys may have an impact on development. Besides, safety is an important factor when it may take influence on your baby’s health. You have to ensure that, the toys are made of safe and harmless materials, chemicals … due to the fact that babies have a tendency to put the toys in their mouth. Toys also show the interest of the baby when it has fond of particular kind of toys such as fishing toys, football toys, dolls or fashion toys … Last but not least, you must choose toys which are affordable and useful for your baby. Yet choosing toys for baby is not an easy work for parents, to a lesser degree, it is a challenge when there are so many toys on sale now. Here are the cues for those are wondering about it:


Buying for your baby bracelets especially bracelets with small bells which can create exciting noise is recommended. The noise will make the baby feels excited and make the baby more energetic. Because when the baby feels like the bracelets and their noise, they will move to make it creates noise. It is a good way to help your baby self-develop its ability.


It is a great idea to buy a mirror for your baby. However, you need to bear in mind that the mirror has the frame and it is safe for your baby. How can you imagine such a simple mirror is a great toy for a baby? It reflects your baby and makes the baby curious about itself. Hence the baby will look at it to discover itself. Also, you can play with your baby through the mirror by changing facial expressions so that your baby will imitate them.

Glowing toys

Many babies are scared of darkness, loneliness, silence. Beside noisy toys such as bells and bracelets, you can add some glowing toys in your baby’s toy collection. They can be a glowing pig, glowing ball or something like that. They will be useful in soothing your baby when it cries and they will make your baby sleep easily at night as they are cute lamps.

Picture books

A book with many visual and colorful pictures may stimulate the curiosity and interest of your baby. Moreover, the picture book is a good way for you to tell the story for your baby through pictures before going to bed. It is a nice education method as it not only helps your baby to learn about the world but also make the baby get used to reading a book – a good habit for the baby. The habit then impacts on your baby and it will make your baby eager to learn everything.

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