Classical Omissions Making Low Development for Babies


There are many things that parents often neglect like let their babies drink too little water, watch TV so much, use high-tech devices, and eat too many sweets and snacks … which are very harmful to the development of the babies

The baby drinks too little water

Water plays an important role in the concentration, lingual flexibility of the baby. For babies, water even more vital than for adults as all of the mental and physical activities of the babies all depend on water.

In fact, all babies have a high metabolism rate with low body regulation causing a lack of water. Therefore, the water amount in the baby’s body needs to be added regularly. Once the body of a baby faces up with water deficit, this may lower the concentration ability as well as the awareness and lingual flexibility of the baby.

Inadequate iron and zinc

The lack of iron in nutrition diet may lead to anemia. All minerals like iron, calcium, Maggie, zinc … are vital for all babies. Many parents have a tendency to add too much these minerals into their babies diet that they do not know that not all babies lack minerals.

6 months after birth is the time for mothers to add iron for their babies as the iron deposit in the baby’s body is used up. Iron is found in many nutritious weaning products, fish, animal livers, meats, rice powder …

Besides iron, zinc is also an important mineral as zinc deficiency may make the baby feels bored with foods and causing low development. Crab, oyster, beef, and beans are rich zinc foods for the baby. Especially, 74mg out of 85-gram oyster is nutritious zinc for babies.

Also, bland food habit is also created for all babies in the early life stage. As the parents adding too much salt into foods, it is not good for the baby’s taste due to sensitive taste. Babies are having lower need of salt or sodium than the adults. High sodium levels in the blood will directly affect calcium absorption of the baby which causes low physical development. Moreover, long-lasting high sodium level will do harm for kidney’s operation and nervous system of the baby.

Watching TV and using mobile phones so much

Nowadays, many children spend most of their time watching TVs, using mobile phones or other high-tech devices resulting in early refractive errors including myopia.

Surprisingly, sweet is also a reason for myopia of many babies. Eating or drinking too much sweet gradually lowers the calcium in blood vessel hence causing myopia. Also, sweet can raise the blood pressure and making convex crystal to lead to myopia.

Experts recommended that all parents need to observe and note about the problem. Not to let the children watch TV for over 45 minutes and use high-tech devices for over 1 hour. Moreover, let lower the sweet in food portion for your baby. The early interference also needed to solve the problem as soon as possible. When watching TV, you should advise your baby to keep a suitable distance with the screen to ensure the vision of it.

Lazy bone

There are two main reasons for low calcium bone in many children:

Nutrition diet lacks calcium
There is a fact that, although many babies have a good nutrition diet, they are still thin and weak. It is because of the lack of movement. Indeed, since an early age, parents need to make their babies have to sunbathe for synthesizing vitamin D and eating food containing calcium. Also, outdoor activities and physical sports are important as they will improve bone density for children. Canadian Pediatrics Association recommended that children over 4 years old need to play sports and take part in outdoor activities 1 hour per day to improve their bone quality. Note that soda, Coca-Cola, … are harmful to bone development.

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