Foods to Enhance Your Baby’s Height


Most of you know that hereditary is one of the most important factors to determine the height of a person. However, there are other important things to determine the height of a person; it is nutrition diet and it is crucial for all people to have a suitable nutrition diet in the early stage of their life to have dream height. Therefore, all mothers need to add suitable foods to their baby’s diet to make them higher in the future. Here are some recommended foods that are believed to make your baby higher in the future:


As many babies have seen that sailor Popeye often eats spinach to stronger and taller. The fresh green vegetable contains a large amount of iron and minerals for height development.


Carrot contains high vitamin A amount which is not only good for your baby’s vision but also good for protein synthesis process in the body to make your baby taller. If your baby does not like eating a carrot, you can grind carrot into smoothies for it to drink.


This is a huge source of protein for your baby; the kind of protein is vital for your baby in developing phase as it can develop the height of your baby. Interestingly, the egg can be processed into many delicious and easy-to-eat dishes like an omelet, boiled egg …


Oats is a low fat and rich protein; this is also an ideal breakfast for your baby every morning. Like an egg, oats can be easily processed into many special and tasty dishes with many flavors. Therefore, oats will never absent in the breakfast due to boring reason.

Black soybean

In general, all kinds of the bean are good for the development of the baby. In all kinds of bean, black soybean is considered as the healthiest kind with high protein amount for an ideal height in the future.


Milk is rich in calcium and protein which are necessary nutrients for height development of your baby. To have a dream height, your baby needs to drink or eat milk products which are variable from fresh milk, milk powder, yogurt, butter …


Protein in chicken is diversified with high amount. Moreover, chicken is a favorite of many babies as it can be cooked into many dishes like roasted chicken, boiled chicken, chicken soup …


Besides protein and calcium, vitamin A is also believed to make the baby becomes taller. Mango is one of rich in vitamin A fruits that your baby needs to be fed every day.

Along with these recommended foods, outdoor activities and sports are also important factors to make your baby taller and stronger. You need to encourage your baby to play its own interest in sports and eating healthy food right in the early stage of its life to ensure that your baby will be confident with its height and strength. This is a crucial preparation for a sustainable development in the future.

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