How to Get Perfect Shape Fitness after Pregnancy?


Obviously, how to regain the former fitness after pregnancy always a concerned problem for all mothers; however, baby’s caring and working hours take up all the time of the mothers that they do not have any time for regaining their former fitness. Moreover, many mothers have trouble with urinary bladder control. Here are some tips for mothers to solve these problems:

It is not worth consuming much time and money on expensive therapies and medicines to regain former fitness. Patience and a little time each day are two vital things for you to make the dream come true. According to Monica Rich – a midwife and a physical coach, mothers need to do exercises and choosing exercises suiting for the losing weight purposes. She also gives useful advice for the reason why you need to lose weight after pregnancy.

You have just ended pregnancy and on the way to find simples and effect exercises for losing weight to regain the former fitness. Let’s do the simple exercises designed by Monica Rich. Otherwise, you can go for a walk in the park or around the garden of your house. 45 minutes per day is the best medicine for you to reduce the fat in abdomen and laps effectively. If you are busy with your baby, you can put it in the stroller and go for a walk that is the great idea as your baby will feel excited to go out.

If you want to try harder exercises, let’s first go to see your doctor to receive advice. Remember that you have experienced pregnancy period so your body is still rather weak and vulnerable even you can do hard physical training before. Slow and gradual training process is the best recommendation for you.
slow physical trining exercises are best way to regain fitness

Pregnancy has influence on your urinary bladder as the rising weight during pregnancy creates the stress on the pelvic floor supporting thane bladder. Also, pregnancy can make some problems:

Changing urinary bladder and urethral position
Weaken the vaginal muscles
Hurt bladder’s controlling nerves.
Although these health problems above can be disappeared after a few weeks after birth, you still need to concern about useful exercises for controlling bladder in the pregnancy and post pregnancy period.


It can be said that physical excises are the best remedies for a healthy mother. There is a saying “a sound mind in a sound body”; indeed, a sound body is the foundation for developing a sound mind. Therefore, physical exercises under any form from simple to hard are very important for all women after pregnancy. Only when a mother has a “sound body” could she solve all the problems in the house as well as at the office. Moreover, the stronger your health becomes, the happier your life will be. A healthy mother will have capable of nourishing a healthy baby in the future. In fact, a dynamic mother will inspire energy for her baby to play and do sports. Let’s build a daily habit of jogging with your child to regain the former fitness as well as improve your health after pregnancy.

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