Three Reasons You Should Teach Your Kids to Cook!


Kids in the kitchen can be a real challenge, they’ll add a tablespoon of salt when a teaspoon was called for, they’ll accidentally dump a 5lb. bag of sugar on the floor and your heart is likely to be in your throat every time they pick up a knife or head towards the stove. Moms prefer to work in the kitchen all day and don’t allow the kids to come in to avoid the mess. These things could discourage the bravest parent from turning their kids loose in the kitchen, but I’m here to tell you that the upside is totally worth it! Here are three reasons you should teach your child to cook:

  1. They can spoil you with a home-cooked meal:

Teach your child to cook and you’ll be able to come home to a home after a long day to a home cooked meal that you didn’t make. How cool would that be? You can even give them one night a week when it’s their turn to make dinner and you can go do a little shopping with friends. This will create a mess in the start but it will be great in near future.

2. It’s an amazing tool for building confidence:

Take a look at that smile, that kid knows how to make pancakes for the whole family and there’s something really powerful about that. We’ve kind of lost the art of teaching kids real-life skills but they are just as important as teaching your child to read.

By doing this they will learn to believe in themselves. They start taking decisions and bold steps to simplify their life.

3. Lifelong health benefits:

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to cook your own food. You’d be amazed if you saw what really goes on in the kitchens of restaurants. I know because I spent many years working in them. Teach your kids to cook and it will have a tremendous impact on their mental and physical health.

So spend some quality time in the kitchen with your child and give them a skill that will benefit them for the rest of their life. Life is fun don’t take tensions of small things. Spoiling of things is better than spoiling your kid’s habits. Developing a kitchen work habit will facilitate you and your kid in future.  You must encourage them to take challenges as life is full of more bigger challenges than kitchen tasks.

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