What to Eat In Breastfeeding Period?


A scientific and suitable nutrition diet is not only good for the baby but also good for the mother.

Needless to say, breast milk is the best nutrition for babies and no one can deny the importance of breast milk for newborn babies. However, mothers need to set up a suitable nutrition diet in order that breast milk becomes the best nutrition for their babies?

First and foremost, mothers need to add fresh and green vegetables into their daily diet. The vegetable is very important in the diet of mothers because it ensures the provision of cellulose which can prevent the babies from constipation. Also, vegetable also provides many nutritious vitamins and minerals. Each day, you need to eat 5 servings of vegetables and fruits. There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits to enrich your daily diet.


Besides, wheat is also a healthy element in your diet as it provides a huge amount of energy for you to work all day. Wheat can be found in foods like bread, spaghetti, rice, potato …

Furthermore, the mother’s diet cannot lack protein. Protein is a vital nutrition for muscle’s development which provides energy and improves mother’s health. Protein is available in meat, fish, egg … However, many experts recommended that mothers should eat fish twice a week due to the use of fish for both mother and baby. In addition, the mother can use fish oil to add more nutrition to her respectively.

High protein foods

A perfect diet for mothers after pregnancy especially women in the breastfeeding period cannot neglect is calcium. Calcium has a strong effect on bone and teeth’s developments. Mothers can find calcium in foods like milk, butter, yogurt, tofu, sardines skim milk …

Last but not least, besides functional food, mothers should remember that fish in deep sea like sharks, swordfish, Calioni tuna is not good for baby’s health. These foods have high mercury content and the content can transfer to the baby through breastfeeding which is harmful to the baby’s nervous system.

Note: all the foods in the mother’s diet have a direct effect on the healthy development of the baby. Therefore, mothers should not to under evaluate the importance of a healthy diet. If you have any question or concern about the diet, do not hesitate to call for a doctor for consulting.

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