6 Toys for 3 To 4 Years Old Children


When your small baby grows up and becomes a 3 years old child, it will feel bored with simple and old toys that you bought in the early stage of life. Moreover, at that age your baby can be sent into a kindergarten, it will receive a new family beside parents and the beloved house; your child will have more friends and learn more about everything. This is also an important phase of your baby’s development; everything needs to be changed to suit with the development of your baby even toys. Here are some toys that are recommended for 3 to 4 years old children:

1. New small vehicles

A small and fabulous vehicle will amaze your baby as it is so nice for having a personal vehicle like adults. Toy vehicles like the fire truck, plane, helicopter, taxi … are not only nice friends with your baby but also help your baby to develop creativity and flexibility.

2. Blocks

Colorful blocks in various shapes and sizes from friendly materials are recommended to buy. Conventionally, blocks are made of wood painted in many colors to make babies feel fancy about them. With the toy, your baby can create its own works like houses, trains and even castles …. They will make your baby much more creative and energetic as the game develops the coordination skill between eyes and hands. Furthermore, it can raise the awareness of your baby about space and social skills.

3. Riding-up toys

In general, babies at the age are very energetic and dynamic. Therefore, they need movable toys that they can control by themselves; a 3-wheels bike is favorable for the smarty babies of the age. They can ride the bike around the house or park to entertain and discover new things. This will be interesting experiments for babies.

4. Home stuffs simulating toys

There is a fact that simulating toys have a magical attraction for many babies as they can use the toys as adults do. Home simulating toys as well as adult simulating toys like doctor kit, kitchen stuff… are very helpful to develop the thinking of the baby. Besides, there are many toy kits simulation the real life like firefighting kit, vendor kit … and so on

5. Toy models

At the age of 3, you can add toy models in toy collections for your baby; this will make the collection becomes much diversified and interesting for your baby. Moreover, your baby can also develop its own thinking and creativity by playing with the kind of toy.

6. Puzzles

Also, puzzles cannot be absent from the toy collection of your baby. The toy can stimulate the brain of the baby as it has to brainstorm to complete the game. Besides, the puzzle can teach the children about colors, shapes … for babies from 3 to 4 years old, a puzzles kit of 25 to 100 pieces is favorable and you need to choose handled puzzles for your baby can easily use to play.

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