Available Toys for Your Baby in Your House


You will be surprised when you see your baby seems to be neglecting all the toys you bought for it at the age of 1. Indeed, many babies have a tendency to choose another interest around. Any object in your house can become the new toy of your baby. And fortunately, you cannot to spend money to buy new expensive toys for your baby; it is a good way to save money as well as creating a new interest for your baby. Here are possible things in your house for your baby to play with:


Many babies like holding spoons and playing them very much especially the spoons are hanging on the shelf. With spoons, the baby can create funny and exciting noises and many other creative games. In fact, the spoons can be much more interesting than noisy rattles for your baby.


If your family has obsolete boxes like pamper boxes, tissue boxes or something like that, you should not to throw them away immediately after use. They will become useful toys for your baby. Your baby will have fond of boxes when it feels boring with old toys. The baby can use the boxes to make a small castle or a chair for it to sit on or a container for many other toys …


Many parents are amazed that your babies are attracted by the used bottles. Up to now, there have not any conclusion about why many babies like playing with bottles; however, no one can deny that used bottle is useful and safe toys for baby.


While parents are cooking, their babies play alone and they can collect anything they feel interested with. And a cell phone is a great ideal. Many parents feel curious why their babies can find their cellphones as they hide the cellphone carefully. Maybe the babies like the cellphones because they like to imitate their parents as they usually use cellphones. Thus, you should switch off your cellphone for their baby to play with if you do not want to waste money on unexpected calls.

Remote controls

The remote control is also an interesting toy for your baby and many babies feel excited as they can button on the number keys on the remote control to change the channels on TV. And it is quite difficult for you to regain the remote control from your baby.

Cotton ear swab

Colorful cotton ear swabs may become favorite toys for your baby. The baby will imitate your action to clean its ear, nose and even put them into the mouth. But ear swab is not dangerous at all when it has cotton covered at the two ends.

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