Breastfeeding – Mothers Need To Avoid


If you know that breastfeeding is not easy work for all women, breastfeeding in a wrong way may lead to dangers for the babies.

Breast milk is the best nutrients for all babies especially under 6 months babies as breast milk is the main nutrition for them. However, the babies in the stage have not fully developed its immune system, a wrong way of breastfeeding many cause unexpected health threats for them. Here are notes for all mothers in breastfeeding stages:

1. Wearing dirty clothes while breastfeeding

You had better change clean clothes before breastfeeding even if your baby is crying so hard. Dirty clothes may contain many kinds of germs as well as harmful bacteria which can transfer into your baby’s body by skin, nose. The case is even needed when you have just backed to home after work and outdoor activities.

2. Being in a bad mood while breastfeeding

A study in American showed that when a mother is in bad mood, her body will release harmful hormones. Moreover, breast milk is the linkage channel between the mother and the baby. Therefore, the harmful effects can be transferred into the baby’s body and attack its immune system resulting in development’s problems. So the mothers need to retain good mood during the breastfeeding period, it is the best medicine for the babies.

3. Lying when breastfeeding

It is a bad habit of many mothers when they are feeling tired but their babies cry for breast milk. Since the throat of the baby is still very short and quite straight, the baby easily to get milk choke which may make the milk go into the ear tubes making otitis. On the other hand, lying when breastfeeding also makes the baby suffocates.

4. Strong actions make breast milk becomes sour

When the mothers work so hard or doing strengthening exercises, the body will produce acid lactic which make the breast milk becomes sour. Sour milk does not only make the influence on the quality of the nutrition of the milk but also takes the impact on the baby’s health. Therefore, after working hard or physical training, the mothers should not give breastfeeding to the babies.

5. Joking while breastfeeding

In breastfeeding time, the mother should not joke the baby to make it laugh. The baby’s laugh will make us feel comfortable and good; however, it is very dangerous in breastfeeding. As the baby laugh, the larynx will be widened paving the way for milk to enter causing suffocating even death as the baby laugh loudly.

6. Cotton Bra

The cotton bra of the mother and cotton towel used to clean the baby after breastfeeding is also harmful to the baby. Chemical cotton fibers will follow the breast milk go into the baby’s body affecting the gastric mucosa of the baby. So it is not good for the baby’s delicate digestion

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