Cleaning Toys – Babies Should Learn How


Health experts claimed that baby’s toys need to be cleaned once a week to ensure protecting your baby from harmful bacteria. At the first time, you yourself clean the toys and let your baby watch your work. Then your baby will clean the toys in the next times and you can support if needed. This is not only a useful work but also a chance for you and your baby entertain in free time. Moreover, your baby will learn a lesson on how to clean things and it will be more independent.

Stuff animals

To clean stuff animals, you need to put a number of detergents into a bath with the size equal to the animal. Then stir the water in the bath until the detergent is dissolved and foams appear in the water surface. Put the animal toys into the solution and soak it in a certain time. The last step is washing the animal by hand or washing machine and dries it in sunlight.

Plastic toys

Plastic toy is the most popular toy of babies which can easily become dirt. Therefore, you should use specialized cleaning tool to wash plastic toys like a milk bottle. Or else, you can soak the brush into the cleaning solution then polish the toys then rinse them with water and dry them into sunlight or windy and airy places.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys are easily to be molded especially in hot and humid places. Cleaning wooden toys also has steps like plastic toys; however, you remember that after rinse the wooden toys with water, you should use a soft towel or tissue to clean the toy’s surface and not to dry the toy in sunlight for so long. The ideal place for dry wooden toys is the cool and windy place.

Battery-powered toys

It is quite hard to clean battery-powered toys because you cannot use water to clean the toys. However, you can use the dry towel or you can use sterile medical gauze and 75 percent alcohol. Then put the toy in airy place for alcohol to evaporate. Remember to put the batter out of the toy before cleaning!

Outdoor toys

Outdoor toys can be slide, swing, bar … or any other sports and entertainment equipment. Because the toys are set outside the house, they can easily become dirty and corroded by weather conditions. Therefore, cleaning these toys is rather hard for babies, you should do it yourself and let your baby to support.

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