Games for Improving Baby’s Concentration


It is hard to make a baby concentrate on a game in a long period that’s not to mention about lessons. In general, babies have the ability to concentrate lower than adults have. It is not to deny that the concentration is very important for a baby’s brain development as it closely related to the study of the baby in the future. Moreover, the concentration has the use to stimulate the nervous system to make the baby much intelligence. The baby can concentrate on a long-term or not depends on many factors, and it is a habit that a baby can practice to get used with. Here are some recommended and simple games for enhancing concentration ability for your baby.

1. Let’s start with a triangle. You ask your baby close the eyes and make it imagines about the triangle. Then you let your baby draw the triangle slowly on a paper; remember that the baby’s eyes are still closed. Asking your baby continues to draw some more triangle then you carefully look at the triangle to see the improvements. The slower the baby draws, the better the result is. This is a small game to challenge the baby’s concentration; if your baby cannot concentrate, it cannot complete the task. The game can be much more interesting and excited if you group some babies to play together. They will be competing like in a competition to win the game.

2. It can be said that reading is a useful habit that should be formed in the early stage of life. You should buy some books or comic books about animals, life, or even fairy tales for your baby to learn more about everything in the world. The training for reading habit is quite difficult as you have to let your baby read a favorite book in different situations and places even noisy places. This is a way to enhance the concentration where stays the noise in the place your baby is reading.

3. Sometimes, you need to hang out with your baby in a park; beaches… in these places, your baby can hear the voice of the bird’s songs, the sound of the wavy ocean and many other interesting natural sounds. Your baby will be very excited about that. Natural sound is a good remedy to improve the concentration of a baby when it has to concentrate to hear.

4. Finger games: let your baby spread the hands then, in turn, folds the fingers slowly. It sounds very simple but it is not a really easy game. The baby must highly concentrate to spread and fold the fingers in turn exactly. This will stimulate the baby’s concentration on a game. You can play the game with your baby to make the game less tense and boring.

5. Breathing game: ask your baby inspires slowly, concentrate on breathing and count to ten; then ask the baby to expire. Doing the exercise, again and again, will raise the concentration for your baby.

6. Put an object in the middle of the room and ask your baby to look at it. Then you and your baby compete to see who can look at the object longer. The game requires much concentration from the competitors so it activates the concentration at maximum level.

Let’s play with your baby these games. After a period of time, you will be amazed when even you can improve your concentration.

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