How to Enhance Your Baby’s Retention


Retention can be considered as the main usage of the brain which helps the brain encodes stores and retrieves whenever needed. All of us are have the retention ability right in the womb. However, the retention itself cannot fully maximize its capability. Therefore, you need to apply some methods to stimulate the retention of your baby as soon as possible to help your baby’s brain develops. This is not only enhancing the concentration but also enhancing the retention of your baby.

1. Stories and songs

According to many researchers, telling a story each night to bring your baby into sleep is a good way to promote the baby’s retention. Parents also need to notice control the intonation when telling the story because this is much effective than telling the story in a normal way. Also, singing a song is another way to enhance your baby’s retention which brings pleasure and information for your baby. You can repeat sing a song many times to make your baby remember it. Then you can omit some words in the lyrics to challenge your baby. The baby will detect the omission; it will excitedly remind you about the omitted words. You should give your baby a complement to make it happy and have inspiration with the kind of entertainment.

2. Arranging things

Arranging everything or simply arranging home small furniture, stuff is a good ideal in raising your baby’s retention. Your task is to give orders for your baby to do such as “put the doll into the basket”, “put the box out from the drawer”. By this way, your baby can remember the positions of all home stuff.

3. Images

Giving your baby family images will raise its retention about memories, faces, names of family members as well as experiences. This is also enhancing the emotional bond between the baby and relatives.

4. Things

This is a simple way you need to apply whenever you can and whatever you see to helps your baby learn everything from our world. For example, you can give your baby descriptions of everything around like “leaves is green”, “the cloud is white” and so on to make the baby memory is much more lively and deeply.

5. Games to enhance retention

Beside simple ways above, parents can make some games for babies to raise the retention such as: put toys or simple stuff which are familiar with babies for them to remember; then covering the stuff by a cloth and tell the baby to name them. The game will make the baby feel stimulating to challenge its memory.

6. Imaginary stories

You can also imagine stories in which the main characters are the acquaintance people your baby knows and meets every day. When telling the stories you can remind your baby about their physical appearances to enhance your baby retention about them.

Besides the usage of enhancing the baby’s retention, the ways also help the baby much attached to parents and learn everything from them.

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