How to Have More Fun and Less Sugar on Halloween!


If you’re someone who’d like to offer your child a richer Halloween experience without the pounds of sugar, preservatives, artificial flavor and color of a modern Halloween celebration, here’s a great family tradition that makes Halloween a blast for kids and a richer experience for parents. Invite the Great Pumpkin to join your Halloween festivities.

Here’s the Healthy Kids Fast story of the Great Pumpkin! Read this story to your children on Halloween, and let them decide what they want to do with their candy. I wrote this story to read on Halloween night.

How Sasha Helped the Great Pumpkin and Saved Halloween!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sasha. She lived on a wooded pumpkin farm on the side of a great mountain with her Grandmother. On her 4th birthday, Sasha’s Grandmother made her a beautiful quilted blanket. The blanket celebrated the magic and beauty of each season and had a special square with a bright orange pumpkin in the middle in recognition of the month of October, the month Sasha was born. Sasha’s Grandmother called her the Pumpkin Baby because she had such a beautiful round face and bright orange hair.

Late at night, Sasha’s Grandmother would tell her stories about the Great Pumpkin who helped look after all the pumpkins in the world as they ripened in the fields and how he often needed their help. So as the weather grew colder Sasha and her Grandmother covered the pumpkins in the field with little piles of straw to keep them safe from frost. Each year, when the pumpkins were ripe Sasha and her Grandmother took them to the village for the Great Halloween Celebration.

One day in late October, just after her 7th birthday, Sasha’s Grandmother came to her and said…”There is a frost coming tonight and the wind has blown away all the straw protecting our pumpkins. I fear they will freeze without protection and we won’t have any pumpkins for the children of the village on Halloween.” Sasha saw the sadness in her Grandmother’s eyes and thought of the children who would be without a pumpkin on Halloween. Then she had a very wonderful, generous and loving idea.

Sasha cherished her pumpkin blanket. It was her cape on daring adventures, a beautiful tablecloth when she imagined having lunch with the queen, and her pillow on the long rides back from the village in her Grandmother’s wagon. When she was sad, her blanket gave her comfort, when she was anxious she would run her hand along the silky edge to calm herself. It was her greatest gift and her best friend. But Sasha’s heart was heavy with the thought of all the beautiful pumpkins shriveling up from frostbite.

“Grandmother Clara,” Sasha said, “what if we take the small squares from my pumpkin blanket and cover the pumpkins. Won’t that protect them from the frost?”

Sasha’s Grandmother smiled with pride. “You are a generous child Sasha, the world is lucky to have you.” That evening after supper Sasha and her Grandmother cut her precious blanket into individual squares, one for each pumpkin, and took them to the garden. They gently placed the squares on the pumpkins, patting them down tightly. The brightly colored fall leaves rushed and danced in the wind around them, but the quilt pieces stayed tight.

There was a strong frost that night and as the temperature dropped, Sasha and her Grandmother huddled around their wood stove and worried about the pumpkins. When they woke the next morning, they raced each other to the pumpkin patch. There were the pumpkins… safe and sound under Sasha’s blanket squares.

That afternoon Sasha and her Grandmother loaded the pumpkins into the wagon; the pile was taller than Sasha, and her Grandmother let her ride on top all the way to town. By the time they reached the village the warm sun was just slipping over the hill. As they pulled through the gates of the town, all the children yelled and raced toward them. Sasha and her Grandmother placed a beautiful orange pumpkin into each child’s waiting arms as they shrieked with joy.

There was dancing and singing around the fire as the pumpkins were being carved and the food of the festival was being served. Sasha’s Grandmother played the fiddle while the children put the final touches on their Jack-O-Lanterns.

When all the Jack-O-Lanterns were ready, they placed them on the hillside and lit each one. What a breathtaking sight! All the smiling pumpkin faces warmed up the cool fall night. The children of the village were very happy, the parents of the children were very happy, the Great Pumpkin was very happy and Sasha and her Grandmother just looked at each other and smiled.

When word of this story reached the Great Pumpkin, he was deeply touched by Sasha’s generosity and wanted to do something in her honor to help all children, as Sasha had helped the pumpkins. After much thought, the Great Pumpkin realized, that while kids loved to get dressed up and go trick or treating on Halloween, eating all the candy they collected was very bad for them. So he made children all over the world this offer…. “If you wrap your candy in a blanket and set it outside your door on Halloween night, The Great Pumpkin will come and replace the candy with a very special gift. To let the Great Pumpkin know you want to make the trade, all you have to do is light your Jack-O-Lantern and set it next to the blanket filled with candy on Halloween Night. When the Great Pumpkin sees the light, he will know you want to trade.

And that is the story of Sasha and the Great Pumpkin

I read this story to my kids every Halloween and they always chose the Great Pumpkin gift over the huge pile of candy. One year my son who was 8 said to me…”Mom, our Halloween is so much more fun with the Great Pumpkin! It makes Halloween last longer…more like Christmas.”

You can use any blanket you like to wrap up the candy, just make sure you use a big orange or yellow bow to tie it. I always made the Great Pumpkin gift a very special one because I preferred the kids have a really nice gift than a big pile of candy. I also gave my kids each a Halloween Swap Bag tied with a big yellow and orange ribbon from Mom. They only get it if they choose to make the swap with the Great Pumpkin because it gives them something to enjoy once they’ve set up their Great Pumpkin swap out on the porch.

I included Cheddar Bunnies, organic chocolates, matchbox cars etc.. in the Halloween Swap Bag. They loved the chance to open a new bag of goodies on Halloween night.

Happy Halloween!

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