5 Mistakes of Parents in Making an Intelligent Child


1. Listening to Mozart to help future baby intelligent and has high IQ, talent in Math.

The fact is that psychologists at Vienna University have reviewed over 40 unreleased studies with over 3000 attendants. The conclusion is that there is no evidence shows that Mozart has no use in improving the cognitive abilities of the fetus.

The babies can notice and receipt the music only after birth and so do many other things they are considered to have the ability to hear, smell, and taste in pregnancy.

If you want to have an intelligent baby, the best thing to do is play quiz games with your baby; the games require observation and judgments in the early stage of life. This will help your baby practicing the reactions and brainstorming.

listening to music does not take any effect on the fetus

2. Buying fairy tales CDs for babies to help them enhance vocabulary

Fairy tales CDs cannot help your baby improving its vocabulary. On the other hand, the CDs even reduce the vocabulary of the babies. It is real conversations is the way you need to do to enhance your baby’s vocabulary and its intelligence. Therefore, you should create small talks with your babies or you and your baby, in turn, to act like the characters in tales. Language is alive language so creating a live language environment is really good for your baby. TVs, CDs, comics … cannot bring effectiveness.

3. Let your baby learn the second language at the age of 3 can power the brain as well as intelligence. Let the baby watch foreign films, cartoons as much as possible.

In fact, many busy parents do not have time to play and teach their babies, they set the responsibility to high-tech devices. They believe that the devices can help their babies improve language ability and intelligence. However, this is a false idea; media and high-tech devices will make your baby slow to speak, passive. To help your baby develop its language ability some simple paperboard, colorful crayons and image cards are much better than watching television or computer.

4. Giving compliments on your baby can make it more confident

The recommendation is that you should only give a compliment on your baby when it really makes effort in doing something. So many compliments can make it self-centered, egotistic, and hard to sociable with friends.

5. Intelligent babies are hard to get acquaintance with others; let the babies play alone is the best idea.

The greatest evidence of success is sociability. An intelligent man will have many friends and social relations, affections from many people.

So, how to make a baby get acquaintance with friends? The answer is that you need to help your baby communicating with body language and smiles.

The communication skills can be easily practiced. Many pieces of evidence showed that playing a musical instrument can raise social relations by 50%. On the contrary, things like using the social network and other high-tech devices can destroy all the sociable skills of the baby.

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