Determinants for an Intelligent Baby Right in Pregnancy


According to Dr. Lynn Singer at Case Western Reverse University, Cleveland, US a child’s intelligence does not totally depend on hereditary; it also depends on fetus’s caring and nutrition diet in pregnancy. And not all women know how to care about their babies to have an intelligent child in the future. Right in pregnancy, the fetus needs to be cared for in the right way to develop. Nutrition is an important factor in developing a healthy baby. However, a suitable and scientific nutrition diet is a question for many women as they do not understand the right time, stage of the fetus’s brain developing in pregnancy. It is the golden time for pregnant women to fully focus on to add nutrition for their future babies.

nutrition is one of the most important factors for creating a healthy and intelligent baby
nutrition is one of the most important factors for creating a healthy and intelligent baby

In fact, the brain development of a fetus starts in the third week of pregnancy. The brain development is really a magical and amazing journey in pregnancy. In such an early stage of the pregnancy, the woman cannot sense the development inside her body, the brain structure of the fetus is in the developing phase at a pace of 250.000 nervous cells produced right in a minute. The brain development achieves 70% of its fulfillment in pregnancy and pregnancy is considered as the golden time for the brain to well develop its number of the nerve cell as well as nervous connections. It is the reason why all pregnant women need to add vital nutrients in the diet for supporting the brain development of their babies if they do not want to lose the golden chance for having an intelligent child in the future. In pregnancy, instead of adding single nutrients, women should add nutrient groups like DHA, acid folic, iodine … which are the important nutrients for brain development? Also, chlorine and supporting nutrients help to promote myelinatioa n process and increase nervous transmitting speed.

Moreover, besides increasing need for vital nutrition in pregnancy, many women may neglect adding iron and calcium which are also vital for the baby’s development. The nutrition diet varies from woman to woman; however, pregnant women are recommended that they should drink milk every day as soon as possible in pregnancy. 2 cups of milk each day is favorable for a healthy fetus and an intelligent boy/girl in the future. Milk or nutrition products have formula combining all the vital nutrients DHA, acid folic, chlorine, iodine … are highly recommended. The more the woman cares about herself in the pregnancy, the higher IQ her child will have.

The last thing to note for all parents is that hereditary is not the key factor for intelligence of a baby. It is the scientific and suitable nutrition diet is the determinants for a healthy an intelligent baby.

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