Foundations for an Intelligence Child In The Future


Obviously, an intelligent child is a desire of all parents in the world. Not all babies are inborn intelligent so there are many parents do many things to make your baby more intelligence. This is very important especially in the early stage of life to have a genius in the future. Now, let’s find out the foundations of an intelligent child:


You should play some quiz games with your baby like Sudoku, chess, crossword … which can enhance your baby intelligence and promote brain development, problem-solving skills. The games will make your baby brainstorm to find the best answer, solutions for questions; therefore, they make the babies practice thinking and solving problems. Also, you and your baby will have a great time together.


Many studies showed that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby as it helps your baby healthier, intelligence than who are not fed by that way. So you need to set time for feeding your baby by the precious source of nutrition.


Outdoor activities, sports, exercises or body’s movements can stimulate the cerebral cortex of babies hence making the brain much flexible and agiler. Moreover, taking part in sports activities can foster the ability, confidence, leadership and teamwork skill of your baby. Playing sport is obviously a good physical and mental activity for all babies.

Positive curiosity

Asking the question, trying new skills, taking part in outdoor activities … is a good way to challenge your baby to enhance the curiosity of your baby. Gradually, your baby will be keen on discovering, thinking, finding which create the inspiration for the baby to learn new things and promise a learned child in the future.


Telling a story per day before your baby going to bed is a great ideal. You can tell your baby then challenge the baby to tell again or you and your baby act like the characters in the stories which make the story much more interesting. If your baby cannot tell the story exactly, you do not need to worry about it. Let make your baby freely foster its creativity. This is a way to promote the creativity and short-time retention of the baby.


Remember that the way you communicate with your baby is very important in making its personality and the attitude towards life. In another word, the way we do with our baby also a kind of education. Therefore, you should have a positive attitude in any conversation with your baby to contribute the self-confidence, optimism of your baby. Insulting words like “loser!”, “good for nothing” … will hurt your baby’s self-esteem.


It sounds irrelevant but breakfast plays an important role in making an intelligent child. Many types of research have shown that if a baby does not have breakfast, it will be easy to feel tired, angry and have slow reactions. Breakfast in every day helps your baby enhance retention, concentration and happy.

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