How to Choose Clothes for Your Baby Properly?


When choosing clothes for a baby, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the clothes. Each baby has its own size; however, clothes often have a limited size. Therefore, you must consider choosing the best clothes which are fitted well with your baby. Choosing too large clothes for your baby is not recommended because this may affect the movement of the baby. Here is the standard size form for baby clothes:

Baby’s weight Baby’s length Age Size
2.8 – 4 kg 47 – 55 cm Newborn 1
4 – 6 kg 55 – 60 cm 3 months 2
6 – 8 kg 60 – 70 cm > 6 months 3
8 – 10 kg 70 – 75 cm > 9 months 4
10 -11 kg 75 – 80 cm 12 months 5

In terms of material, you should choose clothes made from 100% cotton for tender and vulnerable skin of your baby (especially for newborn baby). Cotton material is soft, smooth and dry as it can easily absorb sweat which makes the baby avoid stiffness, itchiness, and rashes. However, the material has some disadvantages as the more you wash it, the rougher it becomes. After many times of washings, the fibers gradually lose its softness and elasticity. So you have to pay attention to preserve and care about the ways to maintain the cotton fibers.

Besides material, you should consider choosing suitable colors as well as patterns for your baby. Light colors are the best options as they do not only help you to easily detect stains but also stimulate the baby nervous system as they make the baby has a good sleep.

You should choose clothes with simple patterns to reduce chemicals and dyes which are not good for your baby. For infants, long sleeves clothes in order that the baby’s abdomen, legs, and hands are always kept warm due to the fact that the infant is susceptible to catch cold and stomach.

You should not wash the baby’s clothes with an adult’s clothes because this makes baby’s clothes easily lose elasticity and become deformed when baby’s clothes are washed too hard. Moreover, detergents for adult’s clothes are not suitable with soft and thin clothes of the baby. Washing together may transfer harmful bacteria from adult’s clothes to baby’s clothes.

Thus, using detergents for baby and adult’s clothes is highly recommended. Furthermore, you should notice the ingredients in detergents for baby to ensure that it is safe for the delicate skin of your baby. You should choose detergents with gentle odors and using fabric softeners after washing. Using fabric softeners is a way to prevent clothes from roughness and loose.

The last things to remember is to avoid hanging baby’s clothes in harsh sunlight as it makes the clothes becomes rougher and gradually damage the clothes. You should only hang the clothes in mild sunlight, spacious and windy places.

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