What to Do When a Baby Refuses To Eat?


Question: I have 5 years old boy; however, he seems to be bored with all dishes even special dishes I carefully prepared. Moreover, I and my husband have forced him to eat but it does not have any effect. My boy still eats very little each meal. I am very worried about that. Could you give me any idea to solve the problem? How to make a various nutrition diet for my boy?


Your child has signs showing malnutrition problem. The reason why he does not feel like special and delicious dishes is that you have not practiced him to get used with a square meal with many attractive foods before. So your child feels nonsense with all kinds of food

The thing you need to do now is adding meat and egg- the two main ingredients in the diet. Then you gradually add a small amount of others foods in the meal with mixed processing and the amount of food is increased as the time goes by so as your child can get acquaintance with the new diet.

Listing all the boring foods that your child does not want to eat. Then add them into a diet with a witty cooking method; if your child does not want to eat vegetables, you can chop the vegetables into small pieces then steaming, stirring with meats and eggs. Colorful vegetables with witty cooking methods will pay attention to your child.

And you also need to remember that forcing a child to eat even make it feel bored with the food. So you do not force your child to eat so much, let him eat freely and slowly. You also need to appreciate the favorite foods of your child. Listing favorite foods and carefully cooking it with new foods in a small amount. This will make your child easy to eat, but also creating the distinction to change new taste for him. Your child will be amazed by that.

On the other hand, snacks should be restricted to make your child goes on a scientific and healthy diet. Snacks, sweets, soda … will make your child easy to get obesity and take effects on the digestion when your child will not eat anything in the main meals. Doing exercises or doing simple house chore before the meal is also recommended as this making the child feel hungry in the meal and also making the health of your baby stronger.

At this period, the diet condition of your child has not fully completed yet; so you have to buy milk to add nutrition instead of boring meals. 3 cups of milk per day is a good idea; one in the breakfast, one after lunch and one before going to bed. Also, after meals, you should feed your child with some desserts like yogurt, fruits, milk to adding nutrients lacking in the meals. Enzymes like lysine and minerals can improve your child’s appetite.

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